From Fr. Dave’s Desk for March 5, 2022

A Song of Lament 1.     Dear Lord, we long to see you. Our burdens great to bear.These days are long and lonely and filled with doubt and fear.Through toil and tribulation Lord, our lives have been upended.Your love our hearts instill. 2.     In days of old your prophet, Elijah ran away.He languished on the mountain and hid forContinue reading “From Fr. Dave’s Desk for March 5, 2022”

From Father Dave’s Desk for Feb. 18, 2022

During the early 2000’s, I served as a long term care chaplain at Lutheran Care in Clinton, NY. The chaplaincy department had a portable altar on wheels that I would push to the various floors and hold worship services for the residents and staff. Worship would consist of hymns, one or two readings, prayers and Holy Communion. IContinue reading “From Father Dave’s Desk for Feb. 18, 2022”