From Fr. Dave’s Desk for March 5, 2022

A Song of Lament

1.     Dear Lord, we long to see you. Our burdens great to bear.
These days are long and lonely and filled with doubt and fear.
Through toil and tribulation Lord, our lives have been upended.
Your love our hearts instill.

2.     In days of old your prophet, Elijah ran away.
He languished on the mountain and hid for forty days.
The earth, it shook, and thunder clapped, and fire rained around him.
In silence, God now speaks.

3.     O Christ, your heart was broken, the night you were betrayed.
The crowd, they turned against you with accusations made.
“My God, my God,” you cried aloud upon the cross forsaken
And there in darkness died. 

4.     O God, forgive our doubting, we struggle to survive.
Please lift us with your Spirit. 
Give faith that we may thrive.
O Jesus, risen Lord of love, bind up our wounds and save us.
Grant peace to us this day.

Text: David M. Blank                              
Oh Jesu, An De Dina
Tune: H. Thomminson, Den Danske Salmebog, 1569

May our hearts turn to God this Lenten season.

Your Servant in Christ,

Father Dave+