Parish Survey Coming Soon

Our all parish survey will be sent out soon.  As you know, the results from the surveys will enable us to tell people who apply to be our next priest who we are and what we are all about.  It will also enable us to describe the traits we want in clergy person who we seek. 

The surveys will be available:

  • Hard-copy form to be completed manually
  • On-line format to be completed on your computer or electronic device

In order for us to be able to make the survey available to you at home, we will need your current street address.  (If it is correct in the parish directory, you’re all set!)  IF you intend to manually complete your survey, you will need to return it to church & deposit into the “SURVEY BOX” located in the Narthex.

IF you wish to complete the survey on-line, we will need your current email address.  (If we don’t have one, we cannot email the survey to you. Please check with the church office to make sure that your info is correct.)

Finally, we are asking every family member who identifies with St. David’s Church to prayerfully complete a survey.  We hope to avoid having 1 survey jointly completed by an entire family.

Thank you in advance,

St. David’s Discernment Team