From Fr. Dave’s Desk for May 27, 2022

We are again faced with horrendous news, this time, in Uvalde, Texas. My heart aches for the families and friends of those who have lost their lives in another mass shooting in a school. I think of my own school age grandsons and cannot begin to imagine the intense fear and worry our children face everyday going to a place that is supposed to be a center of learning and building relationships not a place of terror and hiding to save one’s own life.

God give his peace and strength to all who are impacted by violence. 

I pray for our teachers, school administrators, support staffs and our children.

I ask of your prayers too. Not just that we pray for the victims of such senseless actions that rob so many of their lives, but also that our prayers lead to action.

God empower us with the will and the wisdom to put an end to this dreadful ordeal.

Love one another.

I leave you with the following words of our Bishop Prince Singh.

Your Servant in Christ,

Father Dave+