From Rev. Carol’s Desk for June 4, 2022

Happy Birthday to the Church!!!

This coming Sunday is Pentecost. This is the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples, and everyone understood them in their own language. The color of this day in the church is red, and we ask everyone to wear RED, the color of the fire of the Holy Spirit in each of us. It is also the traditional color of the front door of Episcopal Churches, representing this day lives all year long. This is the day when the church became an official entity in the world. Let us celebrate this day with a sincere heart and a loud voice that can be heard around the world. 

We want to remind everyone that this Saturday, June 4, will be clear-up day here at St. David’s. This is the day we clean up the grounds and the inside of the church, jobs that don’t get done every day. Like pulling weeds in the gardens, polishing the pews, washing windows, putting mulch in the gardens and in the Memorial Garden, etc. These are just a few of the jobs available for us to tackle. Please come and help, as we all know, many hands make little work. 

I know just inviting anyone who is interested in helping in the church please let me or Fr. Dave know is not the best way to get anyone to offer to help, but, if you are interested in helping around the church, such as with the Altar Guild, the Prayer Chain, or those who are interested in live streaming the service to mention a few; we would like to invite you to volunteer.  Yes, it will take time, but the reward is great, the chief reward is knowing we are serving our Lord Jesus Christ though His church. Please offer to help in these and other jobs available in our parish. Please pray about this request, and yes, let me or Fr. Dave know, and we will make sure you are connected to the right person. Many thanks!!

Please keep in your prayers those in our parish family following:

The LeRoy family, Carol and Dick Schmidt, Anthony, Jan, Theresa,

Gail, Nancy, Faris, Paul, Linda, Gerry, Sarah, Sean, Bill, John, Michael, David, the Family of Peggy Dods and all the others who need our prayers. 

May our Lord Jesus Christ wrap His loving arms around all of You. 

Rev. Carol