From Fr. Dave’s Desk for July 22, 2022

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope you all are enjoying the summer, finding rest and staying cool during those high 80s – 90 degree weather days!

HERSHEY BARS – First, I want to acknowledge those of you who read this newsletter in its entirety even though some items are oft repeated. Last week embedded in Bible Study announcement, I had inserted that “If you read this ask Father Dave for a Hershey Bar after the Sunday service.” We had lots of requests for Hershey Bars following Sunday’s service! It’s good to know people are reading the weekly newsletter. This is our main means of correspondence to the St. David’s community. Keep on reading every week for important updates and an occasional surprise!


Vestry approved prayerful and financial report for Stephanie Cote and John Runcie as they begin the process for discernment toward the Holy Orders. Both Stephanie and John will begin classes with the Academy in August. They will dedicate a full weekend every month for the next three years attending classes in Clarkston and DeWitt as well as Zoom (internet) gatherings. They do get a break in the summer.  Part of the process involves vestry approval that these two are members in good standing at St. David’s; that we will prayerfully and financially support them. The financial arrangement is three ways with the individual, Diocese and congregation each committing to contribute $4,300 toward their education. Currently, there is a shortage of priests in the Episcopal community. I hope you join me in my delight and enthusiasm that St. David’s is supporting two of its very own to the discernment of Holy Orders. John is seeking candidacy to become an ordained Deacon while Stephanie is seeking candidacy to become an ordained priest. Please keep Stephanie and John in your prayers.


Vestry regretfully received Courtney LeRoy’s resignation as a member of the vestry. We thank Courtney for her service and hope that she will consider returning to vestry in the years to come as her schedule allows. Courtney’s term expires 1/2023. According to our church by laws vestry will appoint a member to complete the term. If you are interested in serving or know of someone’s interest, please contact Bill Paff or your friendly interim priest in charge.


Summertime is an opportunity for family trips, vacations, backyard barbecues, and enjoying the sun. Please remember while you are away the Church does not take a vacation. We continue to worship, pray, support, and care for our community. Even if you are away, keep St. David’s in your prayers and keep up to date with your financial commitment. Summer is traditionally a time when attendance and contributions tend to dip in congregations. Please note, since the beginning of COVID19 and the return to “in person” worship, our worship attendance and contributions are not where they were over two years ago prior to COVID19. St. David’s is running almost $40,000 behind budget. You can check out the monthly financial statements located on the bulletin board outside the Great Hall. Vestry will also provide on a regular basis a brief financial overview to keep the congregation informed. I am not trying to alarm you, dear members as I and other clergy have experienced these financial “crises” in most parishes. What I have learned is we all need a gentle nudge from time to time. Eventually, the congregation discovers the means to meet its financial commitments. St. David’s is not unique in this situation. 


If you happen to attend worship at another church while you are away. Please bring back a bulletin, I enjoy seeing how other congregations worship and what they are doing! Thanks.

Keep the faith. God loves us!

Have a great week.

Father Dave+