Vestry Message: Sowing Seeds for a New Beginning

You may have noticed that nearly every one of Fr. Dave’s sermons includes the phrase, “When you call your new rector . . .” He is gently reminding us every week that it’s our job to prepare St. David’s for a new beginning. We have made a start with the rectory renovation, the initial work of the discernment team and the initial team night this past Monday. We need to get the teams running to show candidates that they will have good support in the work of the parish. And we need a solid compensation package to attract the best applicants.

What “seeds” can you contribute to St. David’s new beginning? Everyone’s circumstances are different, but every individual or family can do something. Can you host one coffee hour? Volunteer two hours of weeding or other property work? If one of the teams interests you, remember that we are trying to share the workload–you won’t have to do it all!

Your financial pledges are also needed so that vestry can build a realistic budget for 2023. Do not think that only large pledges matter–the smaller ones add up! Please consider not only what St. David’s has meant to you in the past, but what you hope it can mean going forward for those of us who are members, but also for the larger community.

And please don’t forget to pray for St David’s. It’s one of the most important contributions you can make!

With many thanks,

Maria Leiby

PS: Our hardworking treasurer, Craig Leinbach, requests that our pledges specify what we expect the frequency of our contributions to be, whether weekly, monthly or some other interval. This will help him gauge how income will flow in over the year.