Giving Thanks All Year Long

Here’s a thought that might make us all feel good and help our treasury in the process.

It’s your birthday! Drop an extra something in an envelope and place it in the offering plate.

Your grandchild was just born, received a special honor, or graduated! Drop an extra something in an envelope…

Your friend or relative just beat cancer! Drop a little extra something… 

You received a well-deserved promotion! You know the drill. Thank God for all of our blessings! 

Many of us older folks were taught to give thanks at a very early age. This is a teaching tradition that we might consider bringing back. Encourage our young ones to contribute a percentage of their allowance, paper route income, etc. as their way of giving a portion back to God.  While this may not ever amount to much for the church, it would certainly go a long way to help teach our children in the merits of giving back. And what child doesn’t love placing an envelope in the offering plate as it passes by?

Speaking of giving back, with colder weather setting in, we suggest that we not wait another day… set up the Christmas tree in the Great Hall and begin showering it with hats, gloves and scarves for those who need them most in our community. After all, now is when they really need them.

Happy Thanksgiving & Blessings to all,

Amy & Gary Mugnolo