From Fr. Dave’s Desk for March 19, 2023

Grace and peace to you from God our Father/Mother and the Lord Jesus Christ.

A few years ago, Judy and I attended the Paul McCartney concert at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids. There along with 11,000 others, we heard Beatles and Wings tunes along with a few newer McCartney songs. The entire audience consisting primarily of Baby Boomers mixed with a few younger fans, whites, blacks, Hispanic and Asians were connected through a love for music. Everyone singing their favorite Beatles songs they first heard way back in 1964, reliving memories and sharing a common experience with a musical icon. Judy joked when she heard me singing some of those songs, saying, “Hey now you can say you sang with Paul McCartney!” How amazing these common threads wove all of us together in a beautiful human opus.

Central to our mission/vision at St. David’s is the understanding not unlike the McCartney concert of being CONNECTED. But this connection is more than musical memories. This connection is life giving – life sustaining with the promise of new life. How is this possible? We are connected through our Baptism in the name of the Father, Son + and Holy Spirit. We are connected to the newly baptized child. We are connected to each other when receiving Holy Communion (and not only with those present but with all the saints who are now part of the Church Triumphant). This connection occurs during good time and bad times. A connection happens with families, strangers and even those we dislike are face to face in conversation, confrontation, or in passing. Connections are made with mentoring a challenged student who may not know the love of parent or a parishioner listening to someone experiencing one of life’s many difficulties. Our connection was made the very first day God claimed us as his own. And ever since, our connections to the Father is reaffirmed by his Son Jesus so that we may know his forgiveness and love. 

Come see what the connections are all about. After all, each of us is part of the connection God desires for all his people.