Welcome, Fr. Joe!

I would like to express my thanks to the endless time and effort that the Discernment Committee performed in the past year. They developed a profile about St. David, created a survey for the parishioners to be completed, and analyzed the results given to the congregation.

As we begin a new chapter in the life at St. David, let us give Fr. Joe, his wife Stefanie, and son C.J. a warm welcome. Our prayers as they start there new life here with us. 

I want to give a special thank you to the Vestry and all members of our parish for their patience, work, and effort put into the process that brought Fr. Joe and his family to us as our full-time priest. They will be moving into the Rectory depending on when they leave Tennessee. His first Sunday as our priest will be July 2, 2023. This will give his family the opportunity to get settled as well as some space between being a student to being priest in charge. Plus for time to adjust from Tennessee to a return to Michigan.

May God Bless Fr. Joe, his family and our parish as we start this newadventure in our lives. 

Becky, Senior Warden