From Fr. Dave’s Desk for April 30, 2023

This Sunday we will celebrate the conclusion of the Rev. Carol Spangenberg’s ministry at St. David’s. Following 10+ years of caring and serving as the assistant priest among us, Rev. Carol is stepping down as St. David’s prepares to welcome a new Priest-in-Charge.

Rev. Carol has been a tremendous asset to our community providing pastoral care through home and hospital visits, preaching and officiating on Sundays and during the Wednesday and Friday Eucharists, providing insight and guidance among the laity and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her witness.

I have appreciated Rev. Carol’s partnership with me as the Priest-in-Charge. We have made a great team and I will greatly miss our work together in the Lord’s vineyard at St. David’s.  We have shared amazing experiences as a Christian community in the presence of the Spirit. 

Sunday will not be an easy day for her or for us. I encourage you all to join us for worship this Sunday, surrounding Rev. Carol in our prayers, love and support. Following worship, we will gather in the Great Hall for a time of well wishes, remembrances of times past and a celebration for the many blessings shared by the Holy Spirit through Rev. Carol’s during her time with us. 

Let us give thanks to God for Rev. Carol’s ministry, for her husband, David and family.

Thank you Carol for your partnership, support and care. Well done good and faithful servant!

Blessed Easter Season to you all!

In His love,

Father Dave+