St. David’s Cleanup Day on June 3

Saturday, June 3 from 9am-12pm there will be a clean up day of our grounds. There is much raking and weed pulling to be done.  There are also a couple special projects like sweeping up the back of the parking lot, cleaning up around the dumpster, and pulling out post around the now defunct garden. If you cannot make it Saturday, please check the project board to see what still needs to be done and come work on your own time to accomplish that task. I know that it is hard to schedule a weekend day in the summer when everyone can come, so that opportunity is available. ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!

We will want to make a good impression of our facility and grounds for Fr. Joe’s ordination on June 24th as there will be many visitors from the Dioceses and Fr. Joe’s family.

Hope to see you Saturday,

Carol Abbott (I’ll bring donuts!)