From Fr. Joe’s Desk for July 9, 2023

At the publication of this newsletter, I will have been your Priest in Charge for six whole days.

In that time, we’ve celebrated our first Eucharist together – shattering our post-Covid attendance record for a regular Sunday service, we fed over 100 mouths at our Independence Day celebration, and we celebrated our first in-person compline in who knows how long.

I’ve also been keeping busy reconnecting with ecumenical partners, seeking new opportunities for ministry in our community, making house calls, drinking enough coffee to have me shaking out of my chair, and trying my best to balance being “Fr. Joe” to you all, and “Dada” to CJ. 

The work of St. David’s is Kingdom work, and that makes it joyful work. I am beyond blessed to be a very small part of the life and ministry already present in this wonderful community. We are entering into a season of abundance; to God be the glory.

– Joe Kennedy+