From Fr. Joe’s Desk for Aug. 12, 2023

I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you all on the state of things at St. David’s as I see them having been here just over a month now. 

First and foremost, I am continuously impressed with the quality of volunteer work that St. David’s manages to produce separately from the prying eyes of its priest! We are blessed with a vestry that cares deeply about the success of the church, with talented musicians who offer their time and ability to the glory of God, with an Altar Guild and Grounds Team that care deeply about things of beauty, with administrative staff that allow me to focus largely on the sacramental operations of my ministry, and with a congregation that truly and prayerfully wants to give their all to the work of the Kingdom. Praise be!

Additionally – twice now, in just a month and a half of ministry, I have run out of communion bread at the altar. This is far from a complaint, frankly it is every priest’s dream. St. David’s is experiencing wonderful spiritual success because so many of you step up time and time again to guarantee its operational success. I am blessed to be planning weddings, baptisms, and anointings for both the immediate and distant futures at St. David’s. I am blessed to able to fulfill a liturgical vision for the celebration of feast days in what has been a nearly full St. Non’s chapel. I am blessed to hear the shuffling feet and the “how is he STILL preaching” of our increasing body of youth. I am blessed because you, St. David’s, are a blessing.   

All things offered to Christ’s glory,

 – Joe+