From Fr. Joe’s Desk for Sept. 23, 2023

You may notice a small amount of chaos around the church this week! We are very much in the midst of some renovations. The Great Hall was emptied out and had its carpet professionally cleaned; the carpet around the altar also had a touch up! Soon, we will have some new signage both outside the doors of the church and up by the road. (Don’t worry, the beautiful stone signage isn’t going anywhere!) 

Additionally, you may notice some new signage inside of the church. Helping visitors better navigate our building is one of our easiest and most important forms of welcome. It helps new families know that they are welcome when they walk in the (soon to be handicap accessible) doors and are immediately made aware of our nursery, which is also getting face-lift, for example. 

As we were reminded in our Safe Church training this last week, being a friendly community will get us pretty far, but being an intentionally welcoming community will help us grow – both in numbers and spiritual health. So for now, we need to embrace the chaos, knowing that God is working something beautiful out of all that holy mess.

Messily yours,

Joe Kennedy +