Holt Civil War Letters Presentation

Bill Munch will be giving a 1-hour presentation on 72 letters written during and after the Civil War by two brothers (Lewis and Warren Holt) to their sister, Caroline Holt Flemings (Bill’s great-great-grandmother). For details, see: https://www.bathtownshippubliclibrary.org/holt-civil-war-letters

If there is enough interest at St David’s, Bill would be willing to give this same talk at the church at some date in the future.  

If interested, these letters along with a transcription of these letters can be viewed (for free) at this Library of Virginia (Richmond) LINK. To see a full transcription of these letters (224 pages), scroll down on the left side of this link, then click on “Letters to Caroline, Glimpses…

When: Nov. 9, 2023 at Noon
Where: Bath Public Library