From Fr. Joe’s Desk for Oct. 27, 2023

I write this update to you from a brief moment of recess at our bi-diocesan convention! 

Our diocese, the Diocese of Western Michigan, covers all of the lower peninsula from Lansing Westward. The diocese of Eastern Michigan covers a large portion of the state from Lansing Eastward. The word “diocese” means essentially a cluster of churches that share resources, clergy, and most importantly a Bishop or Ecclesiastical Authority.

Our dioceses are in the midst of a wonderful new season of collaboration, largely stemming from work that Michigan’s Building Bridges committee began some long years ago. This collaboration will potentially formalize in the Spring, as the clergy and elected lay people of Eastern and Western Michigan hold a vote to begin a process called “juncture.” If the vote passes, we will cease to be Eastern and Western Michigan, and instead be something new and exciting. 

I look forward to sharing more information with you about what exactly the future of our statewide church looks like! We have some wonderful visionaries behind the wheel, and the Holy Spirit remains our guiding star as always.

We are truly blessed.

– Joe+