From Fr. Joe’s Desk for Nov. 24th

“To the family of Christ at St. David’s,

This last Wednesday, we filled the St.Non’s chapel for a brief service of Holy Eucharist focusing intentionally on Thanksgiving. If you’ve ever stumbled into the Catechism portion of the BCP, you’ll know that the word Eucharist literally means “to offer thanks.” So, for the Episcopalian, offering gratitude for the blessings of God literally is the primary focus of our worship. What you are less likely to know, however, is that there is a very brief litany specifically for the holiday of Thanksgiving which I will let speak for itself as the end of this post:

A Litany of Thanksgiving for a Church:
Let us thank God whom we worship here in the beauty of
Eternal God, the heaven of heavens cannot contain you,
much less the walls of temples made with hands. Graciously
receive our thanks for this place, and accept the work of our
hands, offered to your honor and glory.

For the Church universal, of which these visible buildings are
the symbol, We thank you, Lord.

For your presence whenever two or three have gathered
together in your Name, We thank you, Lord.

For this place where we may be still and know that you
are God, We thank you, Lord.

For making us your children by adoption and grace, and
refreshing us day by day with the bread of life. We thank you, Lord.

For the knowledge of your will and the grace to perform it, We thank you, Lord.

For the fulfilling of our desires and petitions as you see
best for us, We thank you, Lord.

For the pardon of our sins, which restores us to the company
of your faithful people, We thank you, Lord.

For the blessing of our vows and the crowning of our years
with your goodness, We thank you, Lord.

For the faith of those who have gone before us and for our
encouragement by their perseverance, We thank you, Lord.

For the fellowship of [N., our patron, and of] all your
Saints, We thank you, Lord.

Amen, Amen, and again I say Amen!

– Joe Kennedy+ ”