From Father Joe’s Desk – Mar. 22nd

To the family of Christ at St. David’s,

I’m thinking a LOT about branding these days. My sister-in-law, Megan, is a paid Instagram influencer and is always talking to me about “actualizing her brand”. All of her photos are centered in the same way, use the same gradients of light, and are consistently of a quality that suggests “this person knows what they’re doing.” I had informed her some months ago that I was looking to put a definitive stamp on the beginning of the new thing we all are participating in at St. David’s, and she planted a seed in my brain which has now come into fruition: a new logo. 

When I began the process of envisioning a new logo for St. David’s, what I was coming up with was busy and unremarkable. I had wanted some interplay with the Alpha and Omega symbols present on our altar, I had considered something to do with the colors of our humble stained glass, and frankly none of it worked. I quickly realized that I was going to need the help of a professional. 

A seminarian friend of mine named Roger had made his living prior to his call to ministry in graphic design. When I asked him if he had ever considered doing logos for churches, he smiled and shared with me an expansive portfolio of logos around the American South that were both his creations and in continued use. I breathed a sigh of relief, and the two of us quickly got to work creating a common vision. What we came up with is the new design that you’ll see at the top of this newsletter – an Episcopal Crest emerging triumphantly from a golden daffodil. 

Here is what Roger has to say about the design in his own words:

“From here, looking toward springtime on the mountain of Sewanee, Tennessee, a sure sign of the coming new life is the eruption of fields of daffodils around the region. The coming of Easter, of Christ, into our lives: forgiven, healed, renewed—is symbolized in the spring flower and the peace, beauty, and hope it brings. Learning that the Daffodil is both a symbol of St David’s day and the flower of Wales, it felt like a slam dunk to visually embody the community Fr. Joe describes in Lansing. Y’all want to be as welcoming as a vase of daffodils, y’all want to lean into your Episcopal identity and practice, and y’all yearn for new life in Christ that erupts from the long Michigan winter. The daffodil in the logo also implies a compass rose, both the traditional symbol of the Anglican communion, but more importantly an indicator that Fr. Joe and St. David’s are listening to the Holy Spirit for direction.”

It only seems appropriate that we enter into this Holy Week anticipating the best of new things to come. You will see this new logo on pens and bumper stickers, on social media posts and newsletters, and at the bottom of our service live-streams – to be broadcast in an enhanced quality as soon as we install the recently delivered equipment!

My friends, St. David’s has some VERY good things coming our way, thanks be to God. It remains a profound privilege for me to walk on this journey with you as we step boldly into new seasons. My hope is that wherever you see a daffodil, you’ll think of St. David’s – and whenever you think of St. David’s, that you’ll feel that you’re truly in the presence of our loving, life giving God.

Have a blessed Holy Week,

– Joe Kennedy +