From Father Dave’s Desk for Feb. 11, 2022

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

A couple of hobbies I enjoy are Lionel Trains and making wine. Another past time every once-in-a while, is when I am inspired to put a few words on paper and write a hymn. I shared one of my hymns at St. David’s on Christmas Eve. In my first call, I remember seeing a poster where the choir entered the nave of the church. It proclaimed, “He who sings a hymn, prays twice!” Some hymns tell stories, some hymns proclaim faith, but to me all hymns are a marvelous form of prayer. 

I wrote this hymn a couple of years ago for a hymn writing competition offered by the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians. While this hymn did not win in the competition (another I had written at the same time did!), it is one of my favorites.

It is sung to the tune of St. Clement. The tune is found in the “The Episcopal Hymnal 1982,” hymn #24 with the text entitled, “The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended.”

To You Dear God

  1. To you dear God, our faithful Father 
    By your skilled hands you fashioned all.
    We are the clay – you are the potter
    Give us strength to live your call.

  2. To you dear God, our tender Mother
    You fill our hearts with love each day.
    Please help us grow to care for others.
    Indeed, we yearn show us your way.

  3. To you dear Christ, our risen brother
    You heal our wounds and make us whole.
    Teach us to pray and love each other.
    We follow you with heart and soul.

  4.  To you dear God, our Sister Spirit
    Grant faith and trust to ev’ry tribe.
    O breathe on us new life inherit
    Upon our hearts, your love inscribe.

  5. We speak of peace, yet lives are broken.
    Our world cries out in midst of pain.
    Move us to share the Word now spoken.
    Your work our hands, new lives ordain.

St. Clement 9898 © 2019

That’s all for now! See you Sunday. Blessed Epiphany season!

Father Dave+