From Fr. Dave’s Desk for Aug. 19, 2022

Dear Friends and Family of St. David’s,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thursday Judy and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. 

The entire day was delightful and fun. It was so good to be able to celebrate with family and friends. 

Over the years we lived in Warren, PA whenever Judy and I attended the local club where our reception was held, one of the wait staff would say, “You had such a beautiful and fun reception.”

What a compliment and wonderful way to be reminded of such an exceptional day.

I am amazed as to how Judy’s and my life’s journey would eventually lead us to each other. I have no doubt that God brought us together and with the gift of the Holy Spirit has led us through the highs and lows experienced in life. I am eternally grateful for the love given me by my friend, partner, and wife. God has blessed us with an abundance of love!

I pray that you too may know the love of family and friends. Know that you are loved by the God of us all. As flawed as we may be God, God loves us unconditionally.

Please join us every Sunday on line or in person at St. David’s and be reminded just how much you are truly loved.

That’s all for now.

Have a great week. Blessings! Your Servant in Christ,

Father Dave+