From Rev. Carol’s Desk for Aug. 26, 2022

May God’s Grace by with you all, 

Just wanted to bring everyone up to date on the constant reminders you keep getting from me about Protecting God’s People and Children. Those who are required to take these courses, I ask that you register with the Diocese, directions are at the end of this publication. The Preventing Racism course is on September 10th from 10am to at the church, The book THE CHURCH CRACKED OPEN will be the required reading and I have copies for all who are required to take this course. It is requested by the Diocese, and by me, that the book be read before the class begins so we can have meaningful discussions. 

Fr. Dave and I and the entire parish would like to thank Nancy Pike for the beautiful hangings that surprised all of us as we entered the church this past Sunday. They are stunning.!!! Having them will enhance the worship of our parish family. They are a gift to our Lord in His church. We all want to SAY THANK YOU NANCY FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL GIFT!

We also want to THNAKS PAUL AND HIS FAMILY for the wonderful addition to our worship last Sunday. The entire choir was made up of his family. Thank you all for the beautiful anthem sung by all. Please come back again. 

Staying on the same topic of music, Paul has announced that our new organ will be arriving on August 30th. However, it will not be fully installed, it takes days to fully connect all the parts, in order for it to be in full working order. Paul will not be able to use it on September 4th,but we can look forward to hearing beautiful sounds coming from it, on September 11th. We will also have a short dedication service for it on the date as well. 

I also want to ask you to read all the letters you have and will be receiving concerning our Stewardship Pledge Program coming in September. This is a deciding time for our Parish family, and we ask that you take time each day to pray for this program and for our church family as we plan for the future.

Hope to see you this Sunday in our church or with us over our live streaming service. May our Lord wrap all of you in His loving arms. 

Rev. Carol