From Fr. Dave’s Desk for Feb. 18, 2023

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Michigan State University – Please join me in prayer for the community at Michigan State University in East Lansing following the awful event of another mass shooting. We pray for the families of the three students who lost their lives in this senseless killing; for those who were wounded, and for all people who will struggle emotionally because of the violence committed against them. The number of mass shootings in this nation is 71 as of this date. We are only 47 days into the new year! Until the value of people’s lives becomes greater than the value of guns – this sickness will continue. Please contact your state and national representatives and demand action be taken to end this national tragedy now.

Putting the Alleluia away on Shrove Tuesday – During Lent the Christian community sets aside using the word, “Alleluia.” Alleluia is a word of praise associated with the resurrection of Jesus. Throughout the season of Lent, we practice fasting. Fasting from certain foods, fasting for the eyes in that certain items in our worship space are covered with linen or burlap and fasting in our words as we refrain from saying, “Alleluia.” When we celebrate the Easter season, we shout out our praise in saying, “Alleluia!” Rule of thumb – If the worship leader begins a greeting or proclamation with Alleluia, then the congregation responds likewise. Otherwise, the congregation refrains from using Alleluia in their response!

Thanks to Larry “Doc” Carey for sharing his gift of photography with the St. David’s community. A new gallery of framed photos is available for members to view. The exhibit is in the narthex.

Prayer after Worship – Individuals who would like to share prayer concerns may do so following the Sunday service. Prayer leaders are available for folks to join them at the altar rail and to pray with them. 

The Rev. Canon Tracie Little visited with the staff and co-leaders of the Discernment Team (Gary Mugnolo and Gail Donovan) this past Wednesday. Canon Little will be our new diocesan liaison. She replaces Canon Alan James who has returned to Chicago. The Discernment Team met this past Sunday and will be meeting with Canon Little Sunday, April 2 following worship. Canon Little will be preaching at St. David’s that Sunday so the congregation will have an opportunity to meet her.

Did you know there are 40 days in Lent? The Sundays in the Lenten season are not counted in the 40 days as every Sunday is a celebration of Easter!

PLEASE sign up for the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner at Trinity, Grand Ledge. Meet friends new and old. Let’s have a great showing of folks from St. David’s!


Father Dave+