Sunday School Update for Feb. 17

Sunday School continues every Sunday at 9:30. We finished the Bible Bites lessons that were parables told by Jesus with a themed treat. The kids really enjoy the food! We are currently learning about the Beatitudes and will conclude them Feb. 19. Next we will be discussing Lent and what it means for us. Each child will have a booklet in which they are to write each day about something they are grateful for. There are prompts for them to respond to. Please remind them about their booklets and have them bring the booklets to church each week so that we can talk about all the we have. 

In addition, there will be posters given out for each family for a Journey Through Lent that might be of interest to your family. These have been given out in prior years. There will be some available to the congregation also.

Don’t forget it is time for Lent Madness. This is a program from Forward Movement about learning about saints, with a bracket (just like basketball) to get to the saint who wins the Golden Halo! There will be a few guides available in the narthex. This is also available online at