Update: Fr. Joe’s Move to St. David’s

Our new soon-to-be ordained priest, Rev. Joe Kennedy and his wife Stefanie and son C.J. will be arriving to St. David’s within the next month to get settled into the Rectory. As we have tried to do recently, it is our goal to cover the Kennedy’s moving expenses from contributions made by members of the congregation. They are moving themselves from Tennessee to Lansing, so the move is estimated to cost ~ $1,600.00.

If you would like to make such a contribution, please write “MOVING EXPENSES” on the memo line of your check. You may either place it in the weekly offering plate or give it to either of our Treasurers – Craig Leinbach or Steve Leiby. Thank you in advance for your willingness to assist!

 If you already use our Electronic Giving app when you make your pledge payments, etc. to St. David’s, you may now use it to contribute to help us cover Rev. Joe’s moving expenses. Simply log on & look for the line item called “Fr. Joe’s Moving Expenses.” You can also click here.

We are also very fortunate that a fellow parishioner has offered to contribute up to $500. to this fund as long as an additional $500. has been donated. (If all contributions total $500. or more, this parishioner will donate up to $500.)

Not to worry if we collect more than the estimated $1,600 needed for the U-Haul rental and fuel since the Kennedys will have lodging and meal expenses related to their move that will exceed that amount. 

Blessings for your generosity!