From Fr. Joe’s Desk for July 30, 2023

As the church continues to find new traction and we continue to add new families interested in joining our community for worship, I ask that you keep in mind an adage handed down to me by one of my clergy mentors; “If your church ain’t crying, it’s dying!” 

We are blessed to have our pews filling up once again with the shouts, cries, and hollers of our youngest members. To those of you reading this that have small children, you can rest easy knowing that none of your little ones will be making as much noise as my kiddo, CJ, who is less of a child and more of a one-man-band these days. 

Our nursery is always available as an option if your little one needs to catch their breath during service. It is well stocked with toys and distractions for the kiddos, and a speaker system for the adults so that you don’t need to miss a second of service. 

Jesus may have said “let the little children come to me,” but even he would probably not have expected those little ones to sit perfectly still for an hour. Interruptions, bursts of crying, diaper emergencies, and even CJ’s patented shouts of “yee haw!” are signs of a church that is full of life. 

To God be the glory,

– Joe+