Joint Diocesan Convention Scheduled for Oct. 27-28, 2023

To the Delegates, Clergy, and People of The Episcopal Dioceses of Eastern and Western Michigan:

In accordance with the Canons of Eastern Michigan (Title 1, Canon 3, Sec. 2b) and the Canons of Western Michigan (Title 1, Canon 3, Sec. 3), you are hereby notified of the 4th Joint Convention of the Episcopal Dioceses of Eastern and Western Michigan to take place October 27-28, 2023 in Saginaw, Michigan.

For information, please visit the convention page of our websites,  and

This notice has been sent to all clergy, senior wardens, and general subscribers as well as to identified delegates and alternates for whom we had email addresses. Please communicate with your delegation to ensure that all people received this notice. 


Angela Krueger
Secretary of Convention
Assistant to the Bishop
The Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan

The Rev. Joel Turmo
Secretary of Convention
Rector, St. Timothy’s, Richland
The Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan


Collaborative, Innovative, Courageous Discipleship

Over the last several years, our dioceses have engaged in a process of prayerful and mutual discernment, considering our opportunities for collaboration, identifying barriers to active and thriving ministry, considering our faithful stewardship of diocesan resources, and listening to one another with holy curiosity, love, and respect for one another and an unrelenting hope for the future.

Over that time and with the most recent listening sessions they facilitated early this year, the Building Bridges Steering Committee came back with a new mission and vision statement, one to guide our season of practice and one that we might live into as dioceses, whether operating together, separately or as something in between.

At our fourth joint convention, through our workshops, speakers, worship, and fellowship together, we will dig further into the themes in our mission statement, “Called by Christ to proclaim and embody God’s boundless love for all creation, we grow collaborative communities of faith, walking the journey together; innovative ministries, stretching beyond our walls; and courageous disciples, striving to transform systems of injustice. We nurture relentless hope for a world longing for mercy, restoration, and peace.” 

More information about our slate of workshops will be available in the Second Call to Convention in September.