From Fr. Joe’s Desk for Nov. 3, 2023

As of the publication of this newsletter, we will be approaching the end of our Autumnal triduum. This triduum, which means essentially a three part week of feast days, began on All Hollows Eve, found its solemn center in All Souls Day, and is rounded out by the feast of All Saints which we will celebrate together this Sunday. The Autumnal triduum acts as a miniature season of preparation for Advent which is itself a season of preparation for the incarnation and eventual return of Christ. 

For my money, our All Souls service held on Thursday evening was about as good as non-Sunday worship gets. The service was marked by long periods of silence, and a contemplative focus on the dearly departed that have gone before us to the room that scripture tells us Christ is preparing on our behalf. (John 14)

If All Souls is as good as non-Sunday worship gets, then I know fully that this week’s All Saints service will be about as good as Sunday worship at St. David’s has ever been. This Sunday, we are welcoming our own Luka Perez into the formal body of Christ by his Baptism in both water and the Holy Spirit. 

Additionally, we will be praying over our new Communion vessels, lighting some incense, and welcoming more than a few neighbors to their first ever service at St. David’s. I know that we will put our best foot forward to greet and welcome those visiting with us for the first time! Hospitality is what St. David’s does better than just about anywhere else.

If you are one of our members who has been looking for the opportunity to return to regular Sunday service after the long season of Covidtide or pastoral transition, please consider this a formal invitation to do so. These are wonderful days to be at St. David’s and we will be all the more blessed with you alongside us once more.

If you are unable to join us due to issues of mobility, please reach out to the church office so that we might help find you transportation, or so that I may come and visit with you in your home. Worshiping alongside my flock is my greatest joy, so if you have the need for a visit, know that your asking is a life giving privilege for me and never a burden.

My friends, Christ is as present in our midst as he has ever been. Have a blessed Triduum, and we’ll see you Sunday!

– Joe+