From Fr. Joe’s Desk for Aug. 4, 2023

Holy Smokes! Sunday is a feast day!

Please be aware that this upcoming Sunday is the Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord. We will be using incense as part of the service to mark the special occasion. 

The use of incense in worship is an ancient practice, and one of the great gems that makes the Episcopal Church what it is. Modern theology, ancient practice – the best of both worlds.

The incense will be used almost entirely up at the altar. If you think that you might be sensitive to our hypoallergenic incense, you may find it best to situate yourself towards the rear of the sanctuary.

If you have young children, bring them up to the front so that they may see, smell, and be mystified by what’s happening at the altar. It should be a wonderful hour of worship.

See you on Sunday!

– Joe+